Welcome to my Portfolio
– Website Design

Welcome to my Portfolio

Aside from the creation of my own website I have done basic web design for multiple non-profits.
I finished my first full-service project in 2020. 

Star's Holistic Birth Collective

A main aspect of the collective was to bring women and services together to assist pregnant women and mothers who may lack those needed resources. Star’s resources page came together beautifully.

I met Star in the backyard of our shared buildings. Our children ran around us wildly as we discussed her calling as a birth specialist and how she was in need of a website. I jumped at the opportunity. Star wasn’t just a client with a vision I could get behind. She was actively making the world better, and I was honored to be a part of that journey.

Racial Disparity and Diversity

Star’s passion centered on ending racial disparity and showcasing diversity. The entire website functions as a welcome to women of color who are more at risk in their pregnancies and birth. A quote from The Heartbeat page:

“African American women are also two to three times more likely to experience preterm birth, and three times more likely to give birth to a low birthweight infant. We find it heartbreaking that African American infants are about 230 percent more likely than white infants to die before their first birthdays. Through commitment, education, and offering quality care that is culturally sensitive we collectively can significantly improve these birth outcomes. And in doing so improve families and communities, one birth at a time.”

Holistic Care

Star also believed that the care of the whole woman would make the healthiest mama so it was important that every page display a calming and natural sense of comfort.

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