Welcome to my Portfolio
– Logo Design

Welcome to my Portfolio

Creating my Own Brand

A drawing of myself is my way to express the unique artistic side of my skillset. My love of lemons lead me to a beautiful work by another designer, whichs highlights the more dynamic end of what I can accomplish with a client.

The flip side of my buisness card is all about my etsy shop where I sell graphic and embroidery works. The townhouse and logo were hand-drawn in my early days as an artist and transferred to pixels using GIMP.

Star's Birth Collective

This was my first logo using fully purchased graphics. The need for a circle was paramont, which lead to the creative “C” shape – laced with flowers to give it a lovely, organic feel to “holistic.” It was the client’s wish to use an inverted logo for the card and I couldn’t have been more pleased! 

To see details on the creation of the Holistic Birth Collective’s website click here.

A year later Star decided to create the .org version of her outreach where she could bring others alongside her mission to make birthing more accessible to black women. 

Keeping with the circle and color theme, her .org logo is justice minded to highlight Holistic birth as not only peaceful but also powerful.

Pro Bono Church Design - 1

When I lived in Southern Illinois for a stint there was a local church re-plant that needed branding. This was my first official project with logo and buisness card design. I had a lot of fun learning the ropes with this one! The church also needed banner, letterhead, and bulletin template design. Banners are pictured below.

Pro Bono Church Design - 2

In 2019 a Chicago church with which I was connected needed logo, business card, and advertising design. As part of a team of three I created a logo drawing inspiration from the team’s creative support. Using a team member’s graphic of the church I also created layouts for multiple print projects. 

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