Welcome to my Portfolio
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Welcome to my Portfolio

Black Rabbit Coffee

A friend and brilliant local coffee roaster from Southern Illinois saw some whale graphics in my Etsy shop and requested two prints. He didn’t clarify which prints, so I rolled around ideas in my head for a while. We were both pretty excited when I thought, we should give an octopus a carafe

The octopus and whales were originally created for their own purposes. I added the coffee elements specifically for the project. In 2020 I remastered the design for Giclee print and put them up for sale in my shop.

If you’re interested in some great beans and supporting the revitalization of a small town in the Midwest, check out the link.

“Here is the church. Here is the steeple.  Open the doors and find all the people.”

My Grandma taught me the hand game “Here is the Church” as a little girl and I was inspired to bring it into the art world in my own way. Initially I pictured a complete overlap of the white and black elements but concluded it looked too busy. 

The face was the trickiest part. I had tried pews, heads, and flowers, and nothing fit. Then one day the idea of a single face came to me and the work fell into place. The hands and face are my own hands and face.

The burnt orange background was inspired by a lovely fabric I had intended to embroider these designs onto. That project gave way to Giclee prints, but the burnt orange stayed for good. 

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