Welcome to my Portfolio
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Welcome to my Portfolio

My name is Hannah, also known as Grace or Hanns. I’m a multi-skilled creative who as an adult still “loves to play in the mud after begging to wear a dress.” (This translates to me getting paint on some of my favorite adult clothes). I have two littles under my wing, a prettty rad husband, and a beloved oriental cat. My upbringing was in Southern Illinois near the Mississippi River, which still, after years spent in Chicago, continues to be my ideal resting place. 

A self starter, I began dabbling with graphic design using the free program Gimp in 2016. Taking a drawing of a feather I thought it might be cute to turn it into a greeting card. From there I created an Etsy shop, volunteered for every graphic project I could get my hands on, and started self-teaching from online resources. My first paying client was in 2018 when I did a logo-recreation for a local non-profit. It was a wonderful experience and an incredible encouragement. In 2019, with three years of experience backing me, I finally emerged into the exciting world of Adobe and commited, professional graphic/web design.

Most recently I’ve spent my time creating websites, including my own site and shop, and investing in my graphic art skills. You can view the original artworks I have for sale in my shop

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